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I have been invited to write guest posts on many different subjects.  Some of these are re-published on my own blog.

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Related to Celebrating Grandmothers

Published by Sixty and Me:

On being at the birth of grandchildren, July 2016
On giving advice on childcare to your children, July 2016
On the distinct personalities of grandchildren, August 2016
On three reasons why being a grandmother is so fulfilling, September 2016
On the involvement of fathers and grandfathers in childcare, September 2016
On the idea of becoming a great grandmother, November 2016
On being shown photos of friends’ grandchildren, November 2016
On not being a grandmother, January 2017
On unhappy grandmothers, January 2017
On children, grandchildren and time, March 2017
On getting on with in-laws, September 2017
On different types of grandmothers, September 2017

Published on other sites:

On the memories of parenting, for Gransnet, December 2014
On becoming a grandmother, for Wisdom and Innocence, June 2016
On coping with in-laws, for Gransnet, November 2016
On the image of grandmothers, for GRAND Magazine, March 2017

Articles about Celebrating Grandmothers:

About Grandparents’ Day, Camden New Journal, 24 September 2015
About being at the birth of grandchildren, for September 2015

Guest posts on other aspects of being an older person:

On the need for more books for and about older women, for Women Writers, Women’s books, May 2016
On the motivation to exercise, for British Seniors, August 2016
On downsizing, for British Seniors, November 2016
On memories of school, for SixtyandMe, January 2017
On culling books, for SixtyandMe, August 2017
On singing, for SixtyandMe, November 2017

Guest posts on writing or marketing books:

On taking qualitative research to its logical conclusion, for the Personal Social Services Research Unit, London School of Economics, October 2014
On ‘hand-selling’, for the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), December 2015
On giving book talks, for the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), March 2016
On literary fiction, for the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), October 2016
On getting book rights back, for the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), April 2017

Guest posts relating to Life in a Hospice:

On the role of hospice care in meeting patients’ end of life wishes, for Sixtyandme
On cooking for sick people, for SixtyandMe

Guest posts relating to Wise Before their Time:

On remembering the AIDS epidemic for SixtyandMe