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Ann RichardsonI have been a writer all my life, having published books, articles and reports about people with specific health and social care problems. These were mostly addressed to professionals working in these fields.

But I discovered that my real love is writing narrative books, allowing people to explain their inner thoughts, experiences and emotions in their own words. I write on different subjects that capture my interest for one reason or another. These are all intended for the general reading public.

I have now written three such books, as set out below.

I have also just published a book of short pieces about growing older, The Granny Who Stands on Her Head: Reflections on Growing Older. This explores why I like being old and includes some memoirs.  It is intended both for people who are already in their later years and for those who are coming to them, possibly with trepidation.

American by birth, I have lived in London with my English husband since 1968. We have two grown-up children and two grandsons.

You can find my books here

Do you like documentaries?

This video was produced for the Dublin Writers Festival 2021, which was entirely online

Interviews with me


Celebrating Grandparents with author Ann Richardson, October 2021

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video interview:

I was appointed Member of the Year by BooksGoSocial at their Dublin Writers’Conference in June 2017,  This videoed interview, which took place unexpectedly on the spot,  was the result:

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