Celebrating Grandmothers

Celebrating Grandmothers by Ann RichardsonBecoming a grandmother is both exciting and challenging. In this book, 27 women describe – in their own words – how they responded to the many new pleasures and demands of being a grandmother. You will read about how their new role changed the texture of their lives, their family relationships and their sense of themselves.

Whether you find that being a grandmother is a source of great joy – or of some pain due to sheer distance or family problems – it will speak to you. And you will gain many good ideas about how to do the best for both your adult children and your grandchildren.

An excellent and original present for new and experienced grandmothers alike.



Glenmore Press, 2014

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Professional Reviews

“A book to warm your heart about being a grandparent. And one to reassure you that you’re not alone when you experience new relationships and complex family patterns.”    Virginia Ironside, agony aunt and novelist

“Confirms, in a direct and delightful way, just how special the grandmother-grandchild relationship is….Very interesting and heart-warming…”  Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall, author of  The Good Granny Guide

Extracts from Some Reader Reviews  

“Grandmothers are so rarely written about and here we have them describing their experiences in their own voices. And it is amazing how similar those experiences are across cultures, classes, and languages. A little gem for all grandmothers.”

“I was expecting a sentimental take on grandmothers and their grandchildren, but this is a collection of very candid and honest interviews. Their relations with their grandchildren are not always rewarding, sometimes sad, but also joyous and funny. …”

“I went into this book girded for heartache, tears, and joy. I was not disappointed. The breadth of quotations is astounding and on point. Every person should read this book…it will have you in cathartic tears.”

“The portrait is complex, diverse, nuanced, and full of wonder, insight and a little bit of magic. It was as though I was sitting in a counsel of wise women talking about this vital role within the extended family, within the circle of life.”

“A wonderful book for grandmothers but not exclusively for them. It shows how important family bonds and the bonds between generations can be. Modernity places so many conflicting demands on individuals while offering so many distractions that we often forget where our true values lie. This book allows us to slow down a bit and take stock of how important nurturing relationships are for ourselves, our families, and the world at large.”

“It’s fun to read about the experiences of other grannies, to see what others find helpful, what’s important to them. I’ve even gotten some new ideas to use myself. Would make a nice gift…even a way to announce there is a baby on the way!”

“I recommend it to not only grandmothers but anyone interested in human relationships.”

“Easy to read, and like all good books, is amusing, has pathos and astonishes with the wisdom shown by the contributors…it has really made me think….”

“The author writes beautifully about the importance of grandmothers and moms. Each story shares a moment in time to be treasured. Rarely do grandmothers get that special nod for all of their love, dedication and wisdom. Well worth the read!”

“After reading this book, I ended up buying another copy for a friend. Ann Richardson is an amazing writer, not getting in the way of her subjects. She presents a wide experience of being a grandmother in other cultures and differing dilemmas of grand-parenting.  Something for everyone.”

“I have given copies to six of my friends who are all grandmothers and they all loved the book. They all said it was a really special present.”

“Although not presented as a self-help book, many grandmothers will find this a useful resource, offering them an insight into how their peers deal with and react to various grand-parenting issues. It will also encourage them to make the most of the wonderful, enriching opportunities that being a grandmother presents and help them avoid the pitfalls that have caused breakdowns in other families’ relationships between generations.”

“Real grandmothers sharing their experiences and thoughts make this book an interesting and thought-provoking read. The beauty is in the candid, honest nature of this book. A wonderful gift for a grandma-to-be.”