Once in a while, I have a really good idea. It doesn’t happen all that often, but it is always pleasing when it does. And especially when I still think it is a good idea a few days later.

I had one recently – to create a ‘taster’ book for potential readers to enable them to see if they were interested in buying any of my books. I wrote a very brief introduction and then showed the cover, table of contents and two pages from three or so chapters from each book.

My working title was ‘my book of books’, but I asked around for something better. My daughter-in-law came up with “In Their Own Words”, since all my books consist of people discussing their lives in their own words. Voila, it was done.

This is particularly useful when you write books which are very different from one another, as I do.

A few author friends concurred that it was a good idea and one copied it to develop her own book of books.

You will find a free copy on the cover of my website www.annrichardson.co.uk. Feel free to download it and see what you think.