The Granny who Stands on Her Head now available

The Granny who Stands on Her Head

The Granny who Stands on Her Head:
Reflections on growing older

“Somewhere in the middle of my seventies, I realised that I liked being old.”

So begins this set of engaging stories and thoughts on growing older by someone with a vast range of life experience to share.

Part memoir and part reflection on the joys and challenges of modern life, this book explores the nature of old age and how it compares to what came before. The author argues that being older does not have to be feared. Even better, it can be fun.

This kaleidoscopic book offers a refreshing – and often funny – look at a wide range of issues, Including the personal awkwardness of a loss of memory, a new take on the nature of ambition, and sex at the age of 90. It challenges head on many of the prevalent myths and taboos surrounding old age.

You may never look at old age in the same way again

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My Other Books : Stories from the Heart

​My current books are all on very different subjects, but each one involves people telling stories from their heart. Each is about ‘how it feels’ to be in a particular situation:

  • living with AIDS at a time when there was little treatment (Wise Before their Time)
  • working in end-of-life care (Life in a Hospice)
  • being a grandmother (Celebrating Grandmothers).

All use the words of real people, taken from interviews, to communicate very directly with the reader, rather like a TV documentary.

There is a page for each book, where you can read more about it, including readers’ reviews. Please press the cover of each book below, which will take you to this page. Alternatively, you will find this page in My Books in the grey banner above.


Wise Before Their Time Life in a Hospice Celebrating Grandmothers
People with AIDS and HIV talk about their lives Reflections on caring for the dying Grandmothers talk about their lives

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  • UNEXPECTED FRIENDSHIPS -   A lot of people, I find, have a close friend who does not make sense. Someone who just doesn’t ‘fit’ with other aspects of their life, and no one from outside can quite understand why they are friends at all. Such friendships can be especially meaningful and sometimes surprising....

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  • THINKING ABOUT RECIPROCITY - When you were younger but already adult, your parents most likely helped you in every way they could. Not everyone has such help, but a huge number of us do. And perhaps your grandparents did the same. Maybe it was financial help. They gave you a down payment for a...

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  • LONG SUMMER EVENINGS AROUND THE SOLSTICE - As winter slowly turns into spring, most people turn their thoughts to warmer weather, flowers in the park and, probably, the birds and the bees. These are all good things to welcome, in my view. But what I really like in the late spring, right up to the summer solstice...

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  • THAT BLOCK OF CONCRETE IN THE SKY - By the time you are in your mid-70s and there has been no major health crisis, you know you have been lucky. If you have a spouse (or partner) and ‘you’ means both of you, you know you have been doubly lucky. Now aged 79 and my husband aged 80,...

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  • CHEAP LUXURIES - Years ago, I coined the term ‘cheap luxury’ in my household, but I think it is a good time to spread it around. See if you think it has meaning for you. The term first arose, if I am not mistaken, over a jar of mustard. We were in a...

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  • SHOPPING - I cannot keep my secret quiet any longer. I have suffered in silence for years. Only my closest friends know the situation and they tend to sympathise. It’s not really my fault, BUT I really hate shopping. I always have. The problem Let’s try to ‘unpack’ this little problem. Perhaps...

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  • LOSING ENERGY AS WE AGE: A LAMENT -   It is a common practice to divide the world into two types of people. Extroverts and introverts. Meat eaters and vegetarians. In England, Marmite lovers and haters. My distinction for today is between those who love to laze around and do nothing and those who are happiest when they...

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  • A VISIT TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM AT THE HEIGHT OF THE PANDEMIC – YIKES! - We’re all a bit scared right now. Indeed, if we aren’t, we should be. The tentacles of Covid-19 are everywhere and getting worse. And we are warned that health systems are under serious strain. In England, where the new, more contagious strain has begun to predominate, the problems are doubtless...

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  • THE VERY REAL PROBLEM OF GUILT - With Covid-19, we are drowning in statistics. Every day, I see the number of new cases, the number of hospitalisations, the number of deaths. For my country and the rest of the world. They are overwhelming, and it is hard to take them all in. At the same time, there...

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