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My Books : Stories from the Heart

​My current books are all on very different subjects, but each one involves people telling stories from their heart. Each is about ‘how it feels’ to be in a particular situation:

  • living with AIDS at a time when there was little treatment (Wise Before their Time)
  • working in end-of-life care (Life in a Hospice)
  • being a grandmother (Celebrating Grandmothers).

All use the words of real people, taken from interviews, to communicate very directly with the reader, rather like a TV documentary.

There is a page for each book, where you can read more about it, including readers’ reviews. Please press the cover of each book below, which will take you to this page. Alternatively, you will find this page in My Books in the grey banner above.


Wise Before Their Time Life in a Hospice Celebrating Grandmothers
People with AIDS and HIV talk about their lives Reflections on caring for the dying Grandmothers talk about their lives

I write a very active blog which you can view here

Just to whet your appetite, here are some short extracts from the latest posts

  • A VISIT TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM AT THE HEIGHT OF THE PANDEMIC – YIKES! - We’re all a bit scared right now. Indeed, if we aren’t, we should be. The tentacles of Covid-19 are everywhere and getting worse. And we are warned that health systems are under serious strain. In England, where the new, more contagious strain has begun to predominate, the problems are doubtless...

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  • THE VERY REAL PROBLEM OF GUILT - With Covid-19, we are drowning in statistics. Every day, I see the number of new cases, the number of hospitalisations, the number of deaths. For my country and the rest of the world. They are overwhelming, and it is hard to take them all in. At the same time, there...

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  • FRIENDSHIPS - Almost everybody has friends. It is part of life to have them. Some of us have loads and some have very few, but we all feel that they are important in our lives. And we all know who our friends are. They are people who are not our family, not...

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  • OLD AGE IS NOT A FOREIGN COUNTRY - A well-known saying floated into my head recently: “The past is another country.” Interesting, I thought, and wondered who said it first. It turned out to be J. P. Hartley, the novelist, and it is the first line, slightly wrongly remembered, of his novel (later a movie), The Go Between: “The...

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  • SLEEP APPS - They say that the older you get, the more difficulties you have sleeping. This may be true, but I have always had trouble sleeping, so for me it is nothing new. I have read all the advice about how to avoid – or, at least, minimise – sleeping problems. No coffee...

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  • THE IMPACT OF ONE UNEXPECTED DEATH AMONG THE GROWING NUMBERS - Death. It is all around us these days. Indeed, you can’t get away from it. Turn on the television and you learn how many people have died from Covid-19 in your country. In the US, it is now nearly 250,000; in the UK, it is over 50,000 – and so...

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  • THE COMPLEXITIES OF MODERN COMMUNICATION - When those of us who are over-sixty were young, there were very few ways of communicating with people who didn’t live nearby. There were handwritten letters (remember them?), there was the house phone, and, in an emergency, there was a telegram. Getting one of those was an event – often...

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  • RECHNERSCHMERZ - Do you experience enormous aggravation when things don’t work properly – and, more disturbingly, break down? I don’t mean important things like your medication or even local transport. No, I mean the computers and numerous appliances on which we all increasingly rely. At one point or another, they tend to...

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  • EATING OUT - Until we all went into lockdown – the ‘before’ period that feels like another time altogether – I used to love to eat out. Although I am a moderately good cook (and my husband a willing sous-chef), there is so much to be said for it. Making an Occasion First,...

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  • LIFE ENDS IN THE MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE - I heard an expression the other day that stopped me in my tracks. It had the ring of a famous saying, although that turned out not to be the case. But more importantly, it had some real profundity. It said, simply, “Life ends in the middle of a sentence.” Getting...

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