Celebrating Grandmothers – Press and other publicity

Celebrating Grandmothers – Press and other publicity

I am pleased that two writers well known in the field of grandmothers have read my book and written me a few words for this website:

“A fascinating analysis of what it feels like to be a grandmother today – from the joy and fulfilment to the disappointments and anxieties.  It’s a book to warm your heart about being a grandparent, and also one to reassure you’re not alone when you experience new relationships and complex family patterns.”

Virginia Ironside, agony aunt and novelist

“Confirms, in a direct and delightful way, just how special the grandmother-grandchild relationship is….Very interesting and heart-warming.”

Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall, author of The Good Granny Guide

Recommended by GRAND, an online magazine for grandparents, November 2016:

“a book to warm your heart and reassure you that you’re not alone when you experience new relationships and complex family patterns.”


Sixtyplusurfers, an online magazine, review published February 2015:

Celebrating Grandmothers has been written especially for grandmothers, about the joys of being a grandmother, and includes contributions from lots of different grandmothers.

The book builds on interviews with 27 grandmothers of widely varying ages from mid 40s through to late 80s from different nationalities and of social circumstances. It pulls together their individual and often very different experiences of being a grandmother, in terms of how much they see their grandchildren and what they do together.

It highlights their views on how their grandchildren are being brought up, how they see their own role and all this entails. It also focuses on how being a grandmother differs from being a mother.

The book also explores the different experiences of being a grandmother with stories that invite readers into both their day-to-day lives and their inner, often unspoken thoughts. It is full of joy, wisdom and some sadness from those grandmothers with little access to their grandchildren due to distance or difficult relations within the family.

Readers will take away many good ideas from what grandmothers have to say.

I was really impressed with this delightful book about the individual experiences of grandmothers and how they have bonded with their grandchildren.

The book includes the stories of lots of different grandparents, some who were at the birth of their grandchildren, others who live overseas, and how they each play an important part in the growing up and development of their grandchildren.

In some cases their own upbringing has affected how they interact with their grandchildren, showing them the need to be more involved and to take time to share interesting activities. And for others, taking an active part in the care of their grandchildren has been more difficult, due to family disagreements or for those living overseas.

Celebrating Grandmothers also includes plenty of heartfelt advice on dealing with the emotional side of being a grandparent, love and its expression, physical contact, feeling connected, and worrying about all the things that might go wrong.

The contributors also give plenty of ideas on activities they enjoy doing with their grandchildren such as treasure hunts, reading books, playing games, drawing and painting pictures and cooking together.

This wonderful anthology of grandmothers and their own individual stories will make the perfect gift for a new grandparent or a welcome treat for those who want to celebrate the joys of being a grandparent.


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